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Outline of Your Home’s Sale

The Eight Steps to Selling Your Home

1) Your Selling Objectives

  1. Determine your motivation to sell

  2. Determine your timeline

  3. Determine ideal price vs bottom line price?

  4. Determine your priorities

2) Your Professional REALTOR

  1. Contact a licensed REALTOR

  2. Determine a timetable

  3. Review offered services

  4. Review possible fees and costs

  5. Consider contacting multiple agents to determine suitability

3) Your Home’s Value

  1. Understand the current market

  2. Determine your home’s values in the market

  3. Analyze your home with comparable homes

  4. Determine pricing strategy

4) Your Home Preparing For Sale

  1. Finalize documentation & agreements

  2. Complete all disclosures

  3. Complete any improvements

  4. Stage & prep your home as needed

  5. Complete photography & media

  6. Define launch timeline

5) Introducing The Property

  1. Determine a marketing plan: traditional advertising, digital marketing, social media, broker network exposure

  2. Hold Open House(s)

  3. Showing the property

  4. Arrange weekly reports, updates, & strategy updates

  5. Respond to Changes in the Market Place

6) Your Offers

  1. Receive written offer(s)

  2. Analyze offer(s)

  3. Determine whether to accept, counter or reject offer(s)

  4. Negotiate price and terms as needed

  5. Evaluate for any back up offer(s)

7) Your Escrow Process

  1. Day 1) Enter into escrow

  2. Day 3) Escrow orders preliminary reports

  3. Day 5) Order seller paid inspections (pest, roof) if needed

  4. Day 7) Deliver disclosures

  5. Day 17) Request removal of buyer Inspection contingencies

  6. Day 21) Request removal of loan contingencies

  7. 3 Days Before Close) Verify all repairs are completed

  8. 1 Day Before Close) Meet with escrow to sign final documents

8) Closing

  1. Leave all keys and entry devices with the home