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Your Inspections, Services & Protection

Your Inspections

We strongly recommend that professional inspections be done during the escrow period. These inspections are most often paid outside of escrow and paid directly to the inspector.  The cost of each inspection will vary by company as well as size and amenities of the home.  We have taken the time, so you don’t have to, to find providers that our clients and/or office have used and recommend.

General Home Inspection

The purpose of a general home inspection is to have a licensed person review the entire home. The home inspector will look at the attic, basement/crawlspace, the interior and exterior walls, all appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems.  The home inspector will then issue a detailed report of all findings, the home inspector is not able to do any repairs.  The average cost of a home inspection is between $200.00 and $500.00.

The inspectors may be limited and not include inspections of roofs, swimming pools/spas and or equipment. An additional charge or separate inspector may be required.

Better Home Inspections

Cell: (559) 301-4422


JRF Home Inspection Services

Cell: (559) 286-8880


Scheidt Home Inspections

Cell: (559) 470-4102



Pest Inspection

The purpose of a pest inspection is to have a licensed person review the property for any wood destroying organism or the potential to have any wood destroying organisms.  They will be looking for signs of active or past termite infestations, mold as well as dry and rotting wood that can attract termites and other wood destroying organisms (referred to as Section 1 damages).  They will also be looking for conditions around the home that may lead to future Section 1 damages (referred to as Section 2).  The inspector will provide a report of all their findings as well as the cost for the repair/treatment.  The average cost of a pest inspection is between $50.00 to $125.00. Repair and treatment costs can vary.

Castech Pest Services

Office: (559) 233-2847


H&M Termite Repairs

Office: (559) 396-0710

Email: h&

Sander’s Pest Control

Office: (559) 266-4601



Roof Inspection

The purpose of a roof inspection is to have a licensed person review the condition and approximate age of the roof. The inspector will generally be able to inspect the roof from the exterior of the home but if deficiencies are discovered then further interior inspection may be required. For an additional fee, if the condition and age of the roof are within acceptable standards, then the inspection company may be able to issue a warranty or certification against leaks for a specific number of years. Most roof inspection companies will inspect the roof for free. The warranty/certification fee averages between $150.00 and $300.00 if no repairs are needed.

Allstate Roofing

Office: (559) 325-2286


Rain Worthy Roofing

Office: (559) 485-0177


Roof Doctor

Office: (559) 272-7878


Your Home Services

Having the right services to help you get your home into its top selling and move-in condition is important.  Not everyone will want to do everything themselves.  Here is some home service providers that our clients have used and recommend.

Handyman General Repairs

Adal Ochoa

Cell: (559) 313-5225

Nick Dvorkak

Cell: (559) 351-1091

Robert Abby

Cell: (559) 393-4625

Carpet Cleaning

Sterling Carpet Cleaning

Office: (559) 240-3220


Fresno Carpet Care

Office: (559) 779-8124



Home Cleaning

Adriana Martinez

Cell: (559) 213-3545

Brenda Vanderhook

Cell: (559) 367-1592

Steve Perry

Cell: (559) 760-8060


Pool Service

J&M Spa & Pool Services

Office: (209) 770-4322


Estate Sales

Dan Cobb Estate/Business Liquidators

Office: (559) 577-3787


Central Valley Estates & Auctions

Office: (559) 367-6673


Your Home Protection

 Now lets take ourselves a few months into the future.  Now that you have purchased your new home you want to make sure your are properly covered to protect the home and keep it in good condition. Here are some resources that can help protect your home. These may be available to add to your home through your lender or escrow provider.

Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners insurance policy will protect you and your home structure in the event of fire, storm, flood, theft or other accident.  This policy is offered from most major insurance companies.  Chances are you can contact your existing auto insurance company any they can set up or recommend a homeowners insurance policy.  These are also some companies that we have worked with and can recommend.

 State Farm Insurance

Agent:  Dick Wallace

Office: (559) 222-6501


Lic# 0427010

Farmers Insurance

Agent: Zachary Robinson

Office: (559) 900-2744


Lic# 0K91432

Personal Express Insurance

Agent: Alejandro Marquez

Office: (559) 256-1097


Lic: 0660913


Home Warranty

A home warranty plan is different from insurance.  A warranty policy can protect you and your home in the event of a failure of a major home system component or appliance.  Home warranty protection plans are available for both Buyers and Sellers.  Please investigate the benefits and limitations of each plan before choosing a specific plan.

First American Home Warranty

Office: (800) 444-9030


Fidelity National Home Warranty

Office: (800) 862-6837


Old Republic Home Protection

Office: (800) 445-6999


No provider or company listed is in any way is paying or being paid to be presented.  This list is provided as as service and in no way guaranties performance, workmanship or satisfaction.  If your company wishes to be added or removed from this list please contact us.  We respect the rights of all individuals to make their own choices.