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    Your Buying Outline

     The Six Steps of Buying Your New Home

    1) Your Mortgage Lender

    • Contact a mortgage lender

    • Determine your credit score

    • Determine how much you can borrow vs can afford

    • Determine how much you have for a down payment

    • Determine how much you have for a deposit (generally 1% of purchase price)

    2) Your Professional REALTOR

    • Contact a licensed REALTOR

    • Determine a timetable

    • Review possible fees and costs

    3) Your Home Search

    • Determine your ideal location

    • Determine your needs vs wants

    • Setup home search access

    • View homes

    4) Your Offers

    • Determine home(s) to place an offer on

    • Determine price and down payment to be offered

    • Determine desired length of escrow

    • Write and place offer(s)

    • Negotiate counter offer(s) as needed

    5) Your Escrow Period

    • Day 1) Enter into escrow

    • Day 2) Escrow determines preliminary cost worksheet

    • Day 3) Deposit given to escrow

    • Day 5) Setup desired inspections (pest, roof, general)

    • Day 10) Lender orders appraisal

    • Day 17) Inspection completed and request repairs if needed

    • Day 21) Appraisal completed and loan secured

    • 3 Days Before Close) Verify all repairs are completed

    • 2 Days Before Close) Meet with lender to finalize loan

    • 1 Day Before Close) Meet with escrow to sign final documents

    6) Your New Home

    • Move into your new home!!!